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Best Real Estate NFT Marketplace

The Metaverse Rights platform is the only ethical marketplace that has been created for Real Estate owners to be protected from attacks and financially benefit from the advertising opportunities in the Metaverse.


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Our mission is to ensure that the property owners in our network are always kept up to date on the latest legal issues, best practices and opportunities that may impact real-world real estate as the Metaverse expands. All intellectual property rights automatically transfer from the real world to the Metaverse, and are currently protected by law. Buildings are intellectual property, which gives landlords a firm position of ownership and leverage. Any individual or business that wants to use a building’s design, look, feel, brand or any other type of engagement that can be identified as associated with the real world property asset, must be licensed for use in the Metaverse by the property owner.



Property owners are experiencing aggressive tactics by tech companies that are intentionally infringing on their Intellectual property rights by adding unwanted Metaverse content to their assets. This content can promote messaging to the public that contradicts the messaging and values of the property owner, while some property owners have become victims of outright financial theft. The Metaverse Rights platform is the only company that offers free advocacy for property owners around the world who are experiencing these issues.



The Metaverse Rights marketplace allows investors to partner with property owners to add value to real estate assets and collectively share new revenue streams. Owners are able to pre-sell percentages of their future revenue derived from Metaverse advertising in exchange for cash at the end of a seven day auction today. The final fractionalized individual ownership record is minted as an NFT on blockchain, delivering secure proof of ownership to all parties.


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